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What are one-visit crowns and what are their benefits?

Dental Crowns North Kellyville

Dental crowns are cap-like dental tools that are placed on top of damaged teeth or teeth that have undergone treatment. These crowns usually take 2 or more visits to the dental crowns for placement. But, in One Visit Crowns, the dental procedure is completed within a single office visit. They are made of porcelain material and are very reliable. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to fix them into the teeth. Therefore, it is much more convenient than traditional dental crowns.

Single-visit dental crowns are usually used for strengthening a tooth. These crowns can also help hold broken or chipped teeth together. They are also helpful in injuries as they can help cover and hold fractured teeth in place. Dental implants can also be restored with the help of single-visit dental crowns. The majority of times, single-visit dental crowns are applied on the teeth for strengthening them after a root canal treatment. Single-visit crowns can also be used for reshaping and repositioning teeth. This is done to improve the appearance of the teeth. Also, single-visit crowns can be maintained without special care and precautions. All the patient has to do is regularly brush and floss their teeth.

Let us try to understand more advantages of the single-visit dental crown.

Quick placement crowns

The placement of a single visit crown takes only a single visit to the office as opposed to traditional dental crowns. Also, the procedure is completed within 2 to 3 hours. This makes the single-visit crowns very convenient. Also, there is no need to attend additional appointments for placing a permanent filling or for any other additional step. Since the dentist doesn’t have to create a mould or temporary crown, time is saved and the procedure is wrapped up more quickly. The healing period for these crowns is also much less than the one required for traditional dental crowns as there are no temporary crowns or fillings involved.

The patient can also save plenty of time as there are no unnecessary additional steps involved in this procedure. The single-visit crowns are securely attached to the teeth within a few hours as compared to traditional crown placement which usually requires more than two weeks for completion.


The Single Visit Crowns are made of strong porcelain material just like traditional crowns. The patient will be able to chew food and the crown will function just as efficiently as normal teeth. Such a crown can also withstand any wear and tear the teeth go through and hence are very reliable.

These crowns can also withstand the test of time. These last up to a decade or more if the patient properly takes care of them. They have a much better grip on the tooth and hence experience less cracking and chipping. Also, the single-visit crowns are treated with heat to make their grip on the tooth stronger and make the structure of the crown more stable. To make them last even longer the patient should avoid eating hard foods and should not use the new crowns as tools to open kids or crack nuts.

Increased comfort

During the placement procedure of a traditional crown, the patient may experience some discomfort and pain. Also, after the traditional crown procedure, the patient will experience soreness and sensitivity in teeth a few days after the procedure. Since there are permanent crowns placed in a separate appointment from traditional crowns, the patient has to go through the painful sensation twice. However, with single-visit crowns, the patient will experience tolerable pain and discomfort just once, making it much more comfortable than traditional crowns.

Also, traditional crowns involve the preparation of a mould using wax or rubber-like substance that can often cause the patient to gag and make them uncomfortable. Modern dental tools allow making an impression of the tooth with just a single scan of the mouth, thus, preventing uncomfortable sensations and conditions in the teeth.

Temporary crowns when added to a traditional crown treatment, may not fit the teeth perfectly and hence can cause great discomfort. They affect the patient’s ability to chew and may affect speech. Food particles can also get stuck in the temporary crown. A temporary crown can also be a very good spot for bacteria and other microbial accumulation, making the tooth vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. A temporary crown can also make the nearby teeth shift in their position and can make the placement of the permanent crown difficult. While receiving a single-visit crown treatment, since there is no need of attending a special appointment for the permanent crown, the patient is saved from unnecessary complications. 

Cost similar to traditional crowns

It is easy to assume that the single visit dental crowns may be expensive since the procedure is completed so quickly and without discomfort. However, the single-visit dental crown procedure costs the same as a traditional crown procedure. Also, since there are no moulds or temporary crowns prepared, there is no additional cost added.

Natural appearance crowns

The single-visit crowns are made from the same material as a traditional crown. Since the single-visit crown is custom-made, it can match the natural teeth. The colour, shape, and size of the teeth are the same as the natural teeth. It is next to impossible to differentiate between the natural teeth and the crown.

Less teeth sensitivity

Temporary crowns are known to cause teeth sensitivity to the patient. They are placed on the teeth during the time in which permanent crowns are being prepared. These crowns cause sensitivity to the teeth as they are not strong enough to strengthen the whole tooth. This causes the sensitive areas of the tooth to become exposed, making them more sensitive and sore. The waiting period for permanent crowns can last up to three to four weeks, during which the patient experiences discomfort due to temporary crowns. Single-visit crowns do not require a separate appointment or waiting periods for permanent crowns, and hence the patient does not experience any discomfort.


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