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Root Canal Treatments Kellyville

Endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is a procedure reserved for teeth with dying or infected nerve tissues. Instead of having to extract the tooth and replace it with something else, a root canal helps preserve your natural smile.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Most root canals are completed over two visits. During your first appointment, we’ll clean out the chamber inside of your tooth root, then place medication inside of it. We’ll let your tooth set for about a week or two, then have you come back for the next stage.

At your second visit, we’ll fill the root canal system with a permanent material that seals off all of the open chambers. This step helps prevent reinfection or bacteria from entering into your tooth.

Each visit takes about one hour or so to complete. Although there’s technically not any recovery time involved, some people may be a bit sore for a day following their initial treatment, simply because of the local anaesthetic injection or having their mouth gently propped open for the visit. Otherwise, root canal treatments are very simple with minimal postoperative discomfort. Usually, an over-the-counter medication is all that’s needed for the first day.

Root Canal Treatment Kellyville

The Best Technology for Gentler Care

Our practice has invested in the latest root canal technology, including rotary endodontic files. These resources allow us to be as thorough as possible and complete the overall procedure in less time. Additionally, we have equipment that detects the anatomy and length of complex root canal systems to ensure successful outcomes. Using these resources provides you with a higher success rate regarding your care.

Reasons to Get a Root Canal

You might need a root canal if your tooth was previously traumatised (such as during an athletic injury or automobile accident) and showing signs of nerve death. These symptoms can include a darkening in your tooth’s overall colour, hypersensitivity or even an abscess.

Abscessed teeth can also be caused by deep cavities, cracked teeth or leakage with new decay around older, larger restorations.

Sometimes, an endodontically infected tooth can exhibit severe pain, with swelling in the gums alongside it. At other times, we may never see a visible sign of infection until we take an X-ray of the tooth’s root.

Performing a root canal can help prevent tooth loss or needing an extraction later on.

Do I Need A Root Canal?

Are you wondering if you need root canal Kellyville treatment? Contact our office today to book a new patient exam and endodontic evaluation.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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