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Providing patients of all ages with straight, beautiful smiles is one of our greatest passions here at Kellyville Smiles. We offer orthodontic treatment for young children, teenagers and adults.

Why Orthodontics?

Braces straighten crooked teeth and help your jaws and chewing muscles grow into a good bite. Your smile and profile look better and your teeth stay healthier.

Little girl hugging stuffed animalEarly intervention with orthodontic treatment for your children can help minimise the chance of teeth extraction or surgery for them in the future. Also, early intervention helps to improve the airways of your children and gives them a lifelong improved facial profile.

We recommend that children have an orthodontic assessment as early as 7 years old. Doing so helps to detect early problems in the growth patterns of your children’s jaws and facial profile. Detecting any potential problems early on and their correction with early intervention orthodontics help to avoid extensive treatment later after the growth of your children is completed.

Early intervention orthodontics does not only help straighten your children’s teeth and improve their profile, but it can also help improve their airways and prevent problems with blocked airways and sleep-disordered breathing. The other benefit of early intervention orthodontics is a shorter treatment time, which also means lower treatment cost for parents.

Two teenage girls, one wearing bracesOrthodontic treatment in teenagers has multiple other advantages besides improving the appearance of your children’s teeth. Early treatment during this period of your child’s life helps to avoid long-term crowding of the teeth, which may require extraction of multiple teeth in the future.

Some cases may also require jaw surgeries if not treated early. Children who don’t get orthodontic treatment during this period of their life could be left with untreated jaw joint problems. Such issues could cause them permanent damage to their jaws for the rest of their lives. Children could have difficulty opening their mouth, clicking on opening and closing their mouth, chronic tension headaches, migraines and neck pains.

With the Damon system of braces we use at our practice, we guarantee to improve the appearance of your children’s teeth among their peers much faster than the traditional methods of braces from the past. In the past orthodontic treatment used to take between 3-5 years. At our practice, the orthodontic treatment time for most patients usually takes between 12-18 months.

Adult woman wearing traditional metal braces
Perhaps you wanted to straighten your smile when you were younger but never got around to it. It’s not too late! Many adults choose orthodontic treatment, such as traditional braces or Invisalign.

Benefits of Damon Braces

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Faster treatment time
  • Less in-office maintenance
  • Reduced pressure on the teeth, resulting in less pain
  • Less friction, which avoids erosion and deterioration of the teeth
  • Fewer places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate on the braces

For children who don’t like the look of metal braces, there is also the option of clear braces like Damon Clear. Older children also can get Invisalign braces, which are virtually invisible and comfortable. With Invisalign, you can enjoy a faster treatment time. The smooth aligners are also less irritating to the gums and cheeks.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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