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Your smile is strong. Unfortunately, it’s not invincible. Especially if you’re active. Whether you’re a recreational athlete or participating on a competitive level, dental emergencies are one of the most common injuries that athletes face.

Some of the most common traumas include

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How Can a Sport Mouthguard Help?

Like any protective equipment you wear in the game, mouthguards help to minimise your risk of injury. That way if you do get hurt, the damage isn’t as severe.

With a professionally-fitted mouthguard, you have a safe layer of protection to cushion your teeth from the blow. This design reduces the chances of teeth being broken or soft tissue injuries (due to teeth cutting into your skin).

There are even studies that suggest wearing a mouthguard can reduce your chances and severity of a concussion. Since the device reduces secondary trauma from your jaw at the base of the skull, your brain is better protected from a hit, fall or blow to the mouth.


For adults and older teens, a custom mouthguard can last for several years. The key is to store and clean it properly to avoid any damage. Younger children whose mouths are still growing will need to have their appliance updated every so often until their mouth is fully developed.

Always store your mouthguard in a sealed case, out of the reach of pets (who tend to like to chew on such things). Keep the case out of the heat so that the mouthguard doesn’t warp.

Rinse your mouthguard with lukewarm tap water between uses. Every so often, soak it overnight in an effervescent denture cleanser then brush it clean to remove any debris accumulation. Allow it to fully air dry before putting it back into the storage case.

If your child is involved in any type of contact sport or recreational activity where oral trauma may occur, investing in a mouthguard is a smart choice to make. Some sports actually require them as a part of the overall equipment package.

All you need to do is stop by to have an impression made of your teeth. We’ll use the mould to pour a custom-fitted appliance that gently hugs the curve of each of your teeth. The final appliance will have a thick, dense layer of slightly-cushioned material that’s gentle on your mouth.

Numerous researchers believe that wearing a snug, professionally-fitted mouthguard (not a loose over-the-counter appliance) can help to protect the brain when traumatic injuries occur to the mouth and jaw. It’s thought that the mouthguard cushions the blow from the mandible at the base of the brain since the mouthguard physically prevents how far the lower jaw can be impaled. Even if the concussion isn’t avoided entirely, its severity can be significantly reduced.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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