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Full and Partial Dentures Kellyville

Dentures are one of the most convenient options for replacing missing teeth. These removable prosthetics can restore all of your teeth at one time, or just the ones that are missing — all with a single appliance. At Kellyville Smiles we offer several types of dentures.

Full Dentures

A full-arch denture (sometimes referred to as a ‘plate’) replaces all of the teeth in that arch. It will cover your entire smile line, from one side to the other. The denture rests directly against your gum tissues to create a seal that helps hold it into place. With a bit of practice, you’ll be enjoying your favourite foods again.

Full dentures work well for our patients who have experienced extensive tooth trauma, gum disease or aggressive decay. When it’s no longer an option to restore the teeth you still have, we can perform therapeutic extractions to stabilise any infections and then fit your new denture to your unique bite. We want it to ‘fit like a glove’ for comfort but you’ll also be able to play a part in selecting the best colour and shape of teeth for cosmetic purposes.

partial dentures kellyville

Partial Dentures

When you still have several healthy teeth, it’s best not to remove them. Partial dentures work by fitting between and around your remaining teeth to only replace the ones that are missing. The framework spans the length of your bite, curving around the teeth you still have but suspending an artificial tooth where necessary. We specifically dictate the design of each pontic tooth so that it blends seamlessly with your overall smile.

Implant-Supported Dentures

If you’ve gone years with missing teeth or recently recovered from gum disease, there’s a chance that you’ve suffered from bone loss throughout your jaw. This dilemma can create a shallower ridge for a removable denture to rest against. Complications like rubbing, chafing or slipping may be common. To improve both comfort and stability, we can use strategically placed implants to anchor your removable prosthesis.

‘Overdentures’ or implant-supported dentures are nearly identical to traditional full dentures, except they have special locator attachments underneath them. Each locator is designed to snap on and off the corresponding dental implant, ensuring that your denture stays in place all day long.


Most people need at least a couple of weeks to get used to wearing a new denture. It may take some practice talking and eating before you’re ready to venture out into public. However, most people typically adapt to partial dentures within just a day or so.

No, do not ever sleep in any type of denture. Doing so can place excess pressure against your bone and lead to a loose-fitting appliance within just a few years.

If your denture feels loose, slips out of place or causes sore spots, bring it to our office. We may need to re-line the base or adjust it. Since our mouths can change over time, occasional adjustments are completely normal.

Dentures cover your entire arch, so if any teeth are remaining they will need to be extracted first. However, we highly recommend retaining healthy teeth when possible. In such cases, a partial denture may be the better option.

A properly-fitting denture should not require adhesives, powders or paste. If you’re having difficulty getting your appliance to stay in place, please let us know.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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