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About Kellyville Smiles Dental Clinic

Our practice is a small, privately owned family dental office that serves those in Kellyville and North Kellyville. We pride ourselves in having a calm, patient-focused atmosphere. Instead of rushing people in and out, we aim to develop personal relationships that help us better serve the unique goals of each individual we care for.

Modern Technology and Efficiency

We’ve invested in the best digital resources for our patients. Incorporating advanced technology allows us to provide gentler, higher quality and more advanced care.

For example, our dental implant treatments are performed using state-of-the-art digital mapping resources. Each implant placement is planned and a custom guide on the date of your surgery minimises recovery time.

Treating Each Person Independently

Something that sets us apart from other dental offices is the way we go about planning treatment for our patients. During your consultation with Dr Peter El Shoura (Dentist), he will take extra time to listen to your concerns, needs and goals. From there, we’ll take multiple photographs inside of your mouth with high-resolution cameras, allowing you to see the same thing that he does. If you need treatment, we’ll walk through these images with you and discuss the different types of options available to correct those concerns. Understanding which resources you have access to allows you to help guide and co-plan your overall care experience. Dr El Shoura works as your partner in oral health.

Keeping You Comfortable

We want every experience you have in our practice to be a comfortable one. Working at your pace, listening to your concerns and getting to know you on a personal level are vital to ensuring a relaxing visit. We invite you to share your goals with us so that we can best attend to your unique situation.

If at any time throughout your treatment you need to pause for a moment, we’re happy to accommodate the procedure to your comfort level.

Comprehensive Care Solutions

From preventative dentistry and full mouth reconstruction to orthodontics and digital implant therapy, we make it convenient for you to access everything you need in one location. If you’re looking for an affordable dentist to care for your entire family, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition, Kellyville Smiles has proudly been recognized as one of Australia’s top dentists.

Thanks to flexible scheduling options, you can book yourself, your child or everyone in your household at a time that fits your busy lifestyle.

Our Technology

At Kellyville Smiles, we believe every patient deserves the benefits of a healthy, happy smile. Which is why we’ve incorporated leading edge technology in our modern practice, to give you the best quality care in our safe and experienced hands. Some of the technology we offer includes: OPG Machine Our OPG machine is the Orthophos SL 3D. This 3D machine allows us to take extra sharp intraoral scans, providing an advanced level of accuracy and detail. It is built with an integrated Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS), which delivers a unique level of sharpness. This allows your treatment to be more streamlined and precise. SiroLaser Blue With this advanced dental diode laser, we can treat a broad array of oral conditions. These include gum disease, aphthous ulcers and herpes. The SiroLaser Blue also is used for germ reduction in the following: endodontics, periodontology and implantology. Another benefit of SiroLaser Blue is it reduces postoperative wound pain, which is a massive benefit for patients!

Advanced Sinus and Intego Chairs
Our dental chairs offer state-of-the-art comfort and technology. You can rest assured during your visits that you’re being treated in one of the best dental chairs using the latest technology for your care.

Intraoral Camera Siro Cam AF
Our cameras provide patients with transparency and accuracy. This tool produces high quality images inside your mouth, so we can deliver the best possible care. It also helps us communicate during appointments and diagnose any concerns.

Digital Intraoral Scanner 3 Shape Trios
Known as being the world’s first wireless scanner and making patient scanning easier and more accurate than ever before. Some of the benefits of our 3 Shape Trios Digital Scanner is it delivers proven accuracy, realistic colours and dynamic occlusion. It also features artificial intelligence technology which makes scanning more effective, simpler and removes excess soft tissue from the digital impressions. Again, giving our patients the best possible outcomes when it comes to planning and executing a treatment plan.

Latest Technology in Sterilisation and Disinfection

At Kellyville Smiles, we’ve always taken safety and hygiene very seriously. Below are some of the technologies and systems we use to support our highest-safety and hygiene standards.


What Does this Mean for You?

We want to give our patients the highest-quality dental care, using leading edge technology in our safe practice. Our team are highly trained and skilled in all facets of dentistry, offering our patients the best possible service and care.

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